Geek out on the first Friday of every month!

Learn the real science behind science fiction at our First Fridays events! Each month has a different theme, features free hands-on activities and culminates with a free 10pm screening of a classic science fiction move in the OMNIMAX® Theater. First Friday favorites like public telescope viewings, scifi trivia and special prices for OMNIMAX® films are a staple at every event. Tickets for the free 10pm show are available starting at 6pm on the evening of the First Friday event and are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

First Friday activities such as our presentations, sci-fi trivia, 10pm sci-fi film, etc. are primarily designed for adults and recommended for audiences 16 years and older. Our public telescope viewings and free 7pm Planetarium show are recommended for all ages. 

Friday, August 1: The Search for Life in the Universe

Dr. Dale Anderson from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Lab will bring you the latest findings about the existence of life beyond Earth.

Friday, September 5: Doctor Who

Dr. Edward Gomez, lecturer at Cardiff University presents “Traveling to Alien Worlds”, will give a physicist’s perspective on the Doctor’s travels in the TARDIS and the aliens and planets he encounters.

Friday, October 3: What Makes a Monster?

Friday, November 7: The Science of Sherlock Holmes

Friday, December 5: Battlestar Galactica – So Say We All




Special thanks to U Gas for sponsoring Harry's Big Adventure at the Saint Louis Science Center